New Jersey Bitcoin

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Official Garden State Crypto Meetup:

Garden State Crypto Meetup New Jersey Bitcoin

Description: This is a Meetup Group. We regularly meet to discuss
new innovations or projects in cryptography and blockchain.
All are invited to join, learn, participate or contribute.

GlobalBoost Cryptography:

Globalboost Cryptography BSTY

Description: GlobalBoost is a cryptography company.
  The GlobalBoost-Y blockchain produces BSTY coins
which are traded on many platforms and is listed
on CoinMarketCap.

Washington Elite AI & Blockchain

Washington Elite Blockchain Bitcoin Summit conference

Description:  the Washington Elite events have been held in
Vienna Austria, Washington DC and Miami USA. They
have hosted scores of computer scientists, lawmakers,
and heads of state. The focus of these conferences are
Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Solutions in the
modern world.